Pouncing Egret

Reddish Egret seen in 2016 at Ding Darling NWR on Sanibel Island, FL.

Canon 7D2, 400mm f4 DO II, 1.4x TC III, monopod
ISO 640, f7.1, 1/3200s

Any comments appreciated.

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I can never get this guy, quite a nemesis for me, Allen. This is a really nice image. My only suggestion is just a tad room at the bottom just so that the ripple is not too close to the bottom edge of the frame.

Yes, this definitely is a bird that is shy, and hard to photograph for me (Live in Sarasota area). Love the light, love the action, and the expression of pure focus on the Reddish Egret’s face. Nice job!

Excellent light, wing position, pose, detail and color. Yes there could be a little more space on the bottom but it is not a dealbreaker. outstanding action

What a great shot, Allen. I love that wing position. It seems he is totally oblivious to you being in the neighborhood, as he has his focus on dinner. Great detail, lighting, the works.

You nailed the moment on this one, Allen-awesome action. After contemplating this awhile, I’m leaning toward Adhika’s idea of adding a bit to the bottom.

That’s what they do, and you documented it very well ! Nice work. Cheers, Hans