Powdered Range

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Here is another from the snowstorm that covered the Santa Cruz Mountains back in February. the patterns in the snow-covered redwood branches are what caught my eye with this scene. I also liked the subtle hint of fog clinging to the range in the background.

Specific Feedback

Any feedback on this photo is appreciated.

Technical Details

Nikon D850, Nikon 50mm f/1.8 MF lens, at f11 1/25 sec ISO 100. Processed in ACR and PS CC.

Youssef, the snow does an excellent job of showing off the different textures in the trees. I get to see low hanging clouds regularly and they are always fascinating. They make a fine addition to the distance view. I think some burning-in of the bright snow covered branch in the bottom left corner would reduce it’s attraction.


I think this is a very nice image. The contrast of the snow and dark branches really brings out the texture. The very muted greens and blues of the leaves and the background also work well. This is almost a monochromatic image, but these subtle colors really add to the image.

The only suggestions I might make are a very slight crop from the RHS where there is the edge of a tree poking in, and possibly a crop from the top since the sky is somewhat featureless.



I’m still imagining the day you had in the mountains, taking in the experience and the moments of an event you may not get to experience again… And thanks for sharing it with us.

I too like that you included a bit of the background showing the remnants of the fog; which also helps provide some depth to this winter landscape. I almost get a sense here, as with your other images, that there is a great “burden” on the redwoods - like they’re just barely able to maintain their stature under the weight of the heavy snow…

My only suggestion is wondering about the patch in the LRC. Rather than giving me a feeling of the expanse and depth of the forest and landscape, I just have to think the side of the road is right there and for me, takes away from the experience of the moment. If that makes sense. Not a huge deal, but I’m thinking a bit of a crop right/bottom; and hoping that doesn’t take away from the overall grandness of the landscape. Just a thought.