Praia da Murtinheira#8 (Murtinheira Beach)

Taken 10 minutes earlier than Praia da Murtinheira#7 (Murtinheira Beach)

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D810
Tamron 24-70

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I love the scenery, the colours and atmosphere. For me the rock in the left is a bit too dominant. I would crop a bit off the left and bottom ( leaving the two rocks in the sea free of the edge) and add a bit on the right.

I think the image is nicely balanced with the diagonals of the rocks leading me to that beautiful pastel sky. Soothing image…nice work Joao

This has the same fabulous light as the previous image which the editors liked so much. The sky makes this image for me, as it did in the other one. I wonder if you will get more comments on the dark rock near the edge. If something is brought to our attention very often others will start to look at it more carefully. I’m wondering if it worth removing the white foam directly above that rock or am I being overly critical. ActuallyI don’t think it’s an issue.

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I agree with Igor that the light and the sky colors are the stars of both this post, and your prior one. But I also really like the luminosity of the white surf on the sand. I think your prior post was a stronger composition, part of what I enjoyed about it was the larger amount of space devoted to the zig-zag shapes of the surf (which get more minimized here). This is a good image in its own right (the processing is right on the money), but I prefer the prior post for its more expansive composition.

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This one is really good. Had you not included a post to the prior, I would not compare (no need to really, both stand alone), I prefer the first one. The sky is outstanding here, but like Ed, I really like the zig zag surf line. But as said, both are excellent and I quite like them both.