Prairie Princess

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This gorgeous girl was feeding on the cholla fruits along with her herd and stopped to check us out for a moment. I loved her alert pose and the inward curl of her ears. Based on other photos I’ve gotten of pronghorns, I feel like this doe was still a juvenile (likely born the previous May, photo taken in early March). This is southern Colorado just a bit north of Pueblo, so the cholla grows thick and tall – as you can see, some of the individual plants are over 5 feet tall – and covers thousands of acres. I really wish I’d been able to catch her without the OOF plant in the LLC, and I’m not skilled enough with PS to remove it cleanly. With all the other colors available in nature, I’m also amazed at how often I catch tawny golds in my favorite images (it’s definitely not my favorite color at home).

Specific Feedback

Any feedback is welcome.

Technical Details

Canon 7D Mark II, 400 mm, f 5.6, 1/500, ISO 250, handheld (inside vehicle).

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Denise, this is a fine look at this Pronghorn in a nicely rugged habitat. Hard to call a Cholla filled field inviting, but the colors are warm and inviting. However, each challenge only lasts for one week, so this post (and your other “analogous colors” post) have missed the challenge time frame.

Moved to wildlife at Denise’s request.

Hi Denise !
Subject is very nicely framed and eye contact is great. Oof plant is bit unfortunate. You may selectively reduce the contrast in plants.

Denise: I like seeing the animal in its environment. Fortunately your placemnt has its head in an opening. You can if desired, blur the background with the new blur feature in Lrc or ACR.