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More Dodging/Burning, especially in the LLC


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


While crusing the Northern road in Yellowstone, I spotted this Pronghorn a bit off the road, standing on a ridge. I pulled into the next pullout and started walking slowly back toward the Pronghorn and away from the road. He looked at me a couple of times, but went back to grazing on the fresh sage. Then he started walking towards the road, with me moving mostly parallel to him. This view was taken as cars started stopping both in and alongside the road to look. There’s still lots of snow drifts in the YNP high country as you can see in the background.

Technical Details

R5, 100-500 @ 500, f/16, 1/500 s, iso 800, tripod

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These guys are always my favorites among the hoofed prairie wanders, Mark. I know you’ve a few in the past but this one is really at the top of the list for overall Pronghorn posture and detail. I might add that the BG layers are a real plus on this one… :sunglasses:
The only thought for a minor change is to remove the small amount of dead debris in the immediate FG across the middle and LLC. Just a thought on a tiny bit of housekeeping there… :thinking:

Beautifully composed, suitable for a cover shot!
I may selectively increase the saturation on greens a touch and may prefer to burn the lower left corner.

A great shot Mark, the framing is just right to show the animal and the environment,. A good angle on the Pronghorn looking as you say “alert”. I’m with Jagdeep when he suggests maybe a little more colour in the greens

@Paul_Breitkreuz , @JRajput, @Ryan, that LLC was a problem, so I went in and burned it down to draw less attention. I didn’t touch the greens, because the subtle blue-green color is realistic for sagebrush just starting to green up.

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Mark, big difference for me. No eye draw at the LLC at all. And yes, the prairie sage I’m use to has more cyan than green so those look about right to me too… :+1:

Hi Mark,
Great look at this pronghorn in a wonderful setting. I like the layers you show in the background. Well done!

@Mark_Seaver , very well deserved EP here on this one. Again, these guys are a real favorite of mine and this image is special for the overall profile angle… :+1: :+1:

One of my favorite animals also. I like it as it is, but would like to see it from a lower angle so the brush not is not behind the pronghorns head.