A curl of leaf on fresh show…who could resist? I found this one the other day and what do you know? It would make for a bit of a puzzle challenge. It reminds me of a boat on an endless sea.

Specific Feedback Requested

Open to ideas

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Lr for the usual S curve to bring up shadows and whites, lower blacks and highlights. Played with the yellow slider and increased luminance. Some texture & sharpening. A horizontal flip.


Love the texture in the snow, while keeping it white, @Kris. Well done. Nice minimalist image.

I agree with David on this. This would be difficult as a puzzle. The texture is wonderful.

Snow is never easy! This would be devilish!!

Perfect for this week’s challenge, Kris. There is just enough information to keep me going but not crazy!

Thanks @David_Bostock, @David_Schoen, @JohnSnell & @linda_mellor - I knew it would come in handy! I’m not a puzzler, but some like them to be terrifically difficult.

It does look like it’s floating!! Great find, well processed! As a puzzle, this would drive me to opening a nice wine…

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Thanks @Diane_Miller - but would wine help or hinder? :laughing:

It might make rational analysis of the puzzle more difficult or maybe make it easier, with a more relaxed mind. Or it might unlock artistic insight to make it easier, or fog it over. Either way, I get to enjoy the wine… :upside_down_face:

This would be as hard as it gets to put together.

Thanks @Mark_Seaver - some people like to add frustration to their lives. Why else would golf be so popular? :laughing: