Punch Bowl

The Punch Bowl in the Columbia Gorge before the fire on a late July morning. I hiked up to Wahclella Falls early that morning and then made a second trip to the Punch Bowl arriving there around 10 o’clock am. It was still primarily in the shade with the sun just touching the top of the falls.

Iso-50, 24 to 120@35 mm, F-22, 1/8, D 850, full frame, tripod in the water and I was up to my mid thigh in the creek. Adobe camera raw 11, Topaz adjust, TK sharpening action at 20%

David, the reflections in the water and the funnel shape of the river do a fine job of leading my eyes back to the falls. It’s also nice that you have that bit of blue sky in the distance.

David, this area of the Columbia Gorge has always made for some fine photographic scenes. I never tire of seeing this location under a variety of seasons and lighting conditions. Along with Mark’s points on the WC theme in leading our eyes back to the falls, I could not pass up the thought on that huge widow maker. It makes for an unmistakable pointer to the base of the waterfall…:sunglasses: