Another Wahclella Falls

An image of this beautiful place from June 2014. Coming from New Mexico, the lush greens were really special.

Techs: Canon 5D Mark III, 24-105 @ 24mm
1 second, f/16, ISO 400, Polarizer

Keith, I can surely relate living here in So Cal where we saw only about 5 inches of rain last year.
I really like the horizontal take here on this scene. The greenery is a real plus too.

Yes, polarizer does make a difference with the highlights. Interesting to see the changes between 2014 and 2016. There appears to be a lot more moss covering the rocks than there was in 2016. The fallen trees are different and there is more water in Tanner Creek. Excellent exposure and clarity.

The greens really pop, Keith. Seeing through the rocks beneath the outflow adds a good touch of calmness.

A beautiful place and a very nice photo of it, Keith! I love the florescent green moss. We have a lot of that here and it’s so bright that you would swear it produces its own light!

You have got to love those PNW lush greens, Keith. The horizontal format works very nicely here and I like seeing the rocks beneath the water’s surface.