Purchasing a New Camera--discounts?

Hi all, I am getting ready to pull the trigger on a mirrorless camera. I’ve shopped around but cannot find any discounts off suggested retail (I’m looking at a Nikon Z7ii). I’m a member of PPA, this group, etc. Does anyone know where I can buy with any discount? At this level of spend (including lenses) any discount ( 5 or 10%) would amount to hundreds of dollars. I shop with B&H. There is no local camera store near me (SW Colorado), so I can’t buy local.

Following! I’ll be looking to do the same thing, although my timeline is, well I don’t have one. I’m likely to wait and see if there might be any Black Friday sales towards the end of the year. I recall places like B&H, Adorama have deals every once in a while.

But you’re right - it’s not just the camera, but all that goes along - Likely a new lens, just because, and certainly the adaptor to take advantage of my existing Nikon F mounts.

What about wireless remote? Verticle grips, of course the latest EN-EL15x battery. I have the originals, so I’ll likely get the latest versions… What else?

I’m thinking about renting the Z7ii for a test run. Biggest unknown is the viewfinder. For those using these cameras with electronic viewfinders, how have you faired? Like it? Took time to get used to it? Never got used to it, use Live view? Curious about this.

Thanks for asking Janis! Good luck in your search!

If you shop at B&H, keep in mind their PayBoo credit card option. If you pay with PayBoo, you get an immediate credit of the sales tax. That can amount to hundreds of dollars when you are purchasing an entire system. I found the sign up easy and no fuss with payment. Of course this is in addition to any other discounts that you may find.

I would recommend signing up for the big companies newsletters (B&H and Picturline) and they will announce when there are rebates going on. They tend to happen right before new gear is released. The Z8 should be coming anytime, but who knows!

Thanks David, good tip. I’m hearing rumors on the z8, but you are right… who knows when that will come out. Supply chain is messed up for sure. Chips of any kind are hard to come by.

Just curious, what options, if any, in the mirrorless camera space are you considering, besides Nikon?

Just got an email from B&H with a Nikon sale link -


Dang! I’m just not ready to pull the trigger… grrrr. I’m betting though, there will be another and who knows what the prices, selection, upgrades will be 6 mo to a year from now!

Sometimes I wait for a brand promo or Christmas for major purchases. When I bought my 100-400mm I lucked out on an in-store demo version that was new, but discounted.

[quote=“Andre Goforth, post:6, topic:34703, username:Andre_Goforth”]

Just curious, what options, if any, in the mirrorless camera space are you considering, besides Nikon?

[/quote] hi Andre, I'm only considering Nikon because that is the language I speak. I'm not willing to learn a new system. Plus i want to use my old lenses. I pulled the trigger!!! Yippee!
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Thank you! I pulled the trigger. I should have it tomorrow!

Woo hoo! That’s most excellent. Glad you could save a few bucks and get the rig you want. Looking forward to seeing what you make with your new gear.

Jealous! Congratulations. I’ll be curious of your first impressions. May I ask what body you are coming from? I know it’s a Nikon…

Have fun with the new system!

I went from a D7500 to the z7ii

I also went to the Z7 II with the 100-400 “S” lens…sweet-sweet-sweet!

I went from the D850 to the Z7ii about a year ago. I found the controls different enough that I bought a manual from Thom Hogan. https://www.sansmirror.com/

Before that, I was struggling a bit.

The newer FTZ 2 adapter is the one to get for F mount lenses. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/used/1669887/?smpm=bu_uar&gclid=CjwKCAjwxr2iBhBJEiwAdXECwzohjBbO1TU9WHWV2p4PmYXwBJbxocgNyPxV1EhBthqyTcaOyjddhhoCfZIQAvD_BwE

Now I’m using the Z7ii 99% of the time, and very happy with it!

Thanks Patrick. I wish I had downloaded the manual before my jaunt to a park out of cell signal today. I’m still struggling with auto-focus a bit.

So far, I love my Z7II. I especially like the viewfinder review option. No more having to fight bright light. I’m getting sharp images handheld at 200mm so I’m happy about that.