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I am new to this site so am still learning my way around. I thought I recently read a post about the Canon R6 camera but cannot find it now. Can someone direct me to that discussion? We were looking to purchase the Canon 7D but found out it is being discontinued. B&H recommended the Canon R6 but we aren’t sure about going mirrorless. We mostly do wildlife/birds. Thank you.

Hi Sonja: The only review I found didn’t list it as the R-6, Just the EOS-R. That was by Bob Falcone here.

Personally, I’m sorry to see the 7DII go without a good replacement. Canon seems to be concentrating solely on full-frame for their R-series offerings and for bird photography I’ve always liked the extra reach of the crop-sensor. The R-6 has the same number of pixels as the 7DII did but as a full frame, your subject will only be 2/3 the size. Anyhow, that’s my point of view. If you can afford it, I’d look at the R-5 which is getting very good reviews and producing some amazingly good images (or pick up a gently used or Canon refurbished 7DII).

Thank you Dennis for the information. B&H still has the 7DII but with the lens kit which we do not need. They just did not have the body only. I think we have decided to just go ahead and get it as we really do like the 7D. We will just try to sell the lens. Again, thank you for your thoughts.

Hi Sonja, @Diane_Miller wrote an article about the Canon R5 just a week or so ago. I tried but I don’t know how to give you the link, but if you go to community and then discussions it’s just a few down. It’s entitled : Canon R5, first impressions

@Dennis_Plank Hi, Dennis. I have read a couple of reviews that opine the 90D is meant as a replacement for the 7D. Have you read anything about this? I’ve been strongly considering moving to the 90D, but I’m still studying the pros and cons.

I’ve heard that. I think it has the same capabilities plus a little. I’d send a note to @Allen_Sparks . He transitioned from the 7DII to the 90D, so he can give you first hand advice.

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Thank you Vanessa for the reply. I will check out that discussion too.

@sonja, the best camera for anyone depends so much on what capabilities they want, or WILL want as their skills improve, and of course on what they’re willing to pay. The 7D2 was a very good camera when it came out but it’s now several generations out of date. I had one for several years but the newer ones are no comparison, for me.

The R5, which I started the discussion about, is incredibly better in features for wildlife and birds, and also for marco and focus stacking due to focus peaking to see exactly where manual focus is sharpest. The absence of mirror slap and the 20 fps frame rate in electronic shutter is wonderful. With a very stable tripod and good technique, and using short bursts, I have been able to shoot at 800-1200mm at shutter speeds down to 1/60 sec. It’s not Plan A, but I can often get shots of perched birds that are tack sharp. If you are using lenses that will give you good sharpness, you can easily crop to the equivalent of the 7D2 (APS-C) frame, and beyond. You will see many posts here from the top-end Canon and Sony mirrorless bodies that are cropped to 10% of the full frame and look excellent for quality.

If you’re not ready for that level of capability, I’d look at other bodies that are newer than the 7D2.

Diane thank you for the post. I did go back and read your previous review on the R5. I have dabbled with photography in the past but would like to try other settings than P or auto. My boyfriend has a 7D that I can use so I am very appreciative. This site may be too advanced for me but I have learned an awful lot from just looking at what others have posted and written. Again, thank you for your response.

@sonja, photography for the love of art is a wonderful journey – do keep learning what you can. There is so much information online and this site is one of the best places you will ever find for inspiration and good information. Do explore beyond P and Auto – and ask for help! It really isn’t rocket science. None of us was born knowing this stuff.