Purple Martin

Another of my favorites from this year largely because I’ve been trying to get a good image of one of the adult males in our colony fora few years now and I finally put in the effort to make it happen.

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Dennis, this is an excellent portraiture of this Purple Martin. I especially like the placement of the bird and perch in the scene…:sunglasses:
To be honest I was totally unaware of the usage of the name in the avian world. It does sound more from the fisher, martin, skunk world…:thinking:

Similar to, but not quite the same, Paul. Though they’re pronounced the same, the mammal is spelled “marten”. I’m not sure what the source of the mammal name is, but Europe has “house martins” that are swallows that would build nests under the eaves and in the thatched roofs.

Wow, you got one of these to sit still! The bird show up very well and the bit of lichen on the end of it’s perch provide a great bonus.

Gorgeous image, Dennis. The diagonal placement of the branch works nicely as does the placement of the bird. The lichen on the tip of the branch is a treat as is the BG. No suggestions from me.

A superb shot of the gorgeous bird, Dennis! The colors and detail are excellent, the pose is just right and the neutral background really shows off the purple colors in the plumage. The large version is particularly nice as it puts you right there, close to the bird.