What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
D3400, 55-200mm with 31mm extension tubes, FL 55mm, ISO 200 and 1/200 sec with off camera flash

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I almost wish I hadn’t gotten rid of my old extension tube and rail setup. The ext tubes let you get in real close like you’ve done here. Pretty good use of the flash too, not over powering.

While I see a ring of sharper focus on the pedals, it’s a bummer the central (stamen?? I’m ignorant here…) is not in sharp focus. That little white puff ball seems like it should be the main subject and therefore expected to be in focus.

I do like the pedals, the vibrant color and even the soft edges acting like a vignette. The only other small nit would be the dark center merging with the top edge. A little purple space on the edge would be nice.

Thanks for posting.


I searched all the files looking for a sharper stamen, i’m not sure if that’s right ether however i’m stubborn and refused to abandon the photo. I feel it’s doomed because there is no easy fix. but it is a pretty purple LOL … Thanks Lon

Michael, I like the idea here, with the single, lovely color and the eye flow along the lines in the petals that lead to what I believe is the stigma. I also like your off center composition. Having the stigma sharp would add a lot to this image. Hopefully you can find more of these easily for a redo.

Thanks Mark, I have more of these flowers than I want in my yard LOL, Redo coming soon :slight_smile:

Michael: For flowers with center parts like this (hibiscus is another that comes to mind) the focus on the fine details is critical for me. I’ve trashed hundreds of shots that weren’t quite there. I do like your comp and the color palette. Keep after it.>=))>

Thanks Bill, In hindsight I should have trashed this photo and not wasted y’all’s time, thank you all for your comments. " I knew what was wrong with it "