Queets River Cutbank

I found this scene on a “cutbank” hidden behind some bushes along the Queets River in Washington State. The section photographed was only about 12" high, but contained some interesting colors and shapes along with some revealed roots. Somewhat abstract, it reminded me of a forest scene as envisioned by a textile artist.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Single image shot on a tripod, 1/8 sec, f8, ISO6400. Pretty dark shade required adjusting white balance, contrast, vibrance, and clarity/texture.


Great eye seeing this little 12-inch scene! I too like the colors, and yes the roots and shapes make for a textil-y (!) look. Very abstract and cool.

That is a fascinating set of colors. I does rather have a textile look - almost like embroidery. Very cool!

This is a fascinating scene, with its shapes, colors and textures. Without your comment, it is impossible to get a sense of scale, too. Very good abstract.

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Great vision to see this extracted scene Rick. The colors and textures here are very unique looking, and work really well together. The teal green and orange is a very appealing color combination. The colors are vibrant, but not over-saturated, which is what makes this image work so well. My only suggestion would be to clone away the bright branch in the extreme upper right corner. Being that close to the edge, it is a minor eye magnet. But overall this is a very interesting image, thanks for sharing it with us.

I like the idea behind this as well as the colors. I don’t like the horizontal line that cuts the image in half with a different color scheme on each side. I would just do a horizontal image of the upper half.

I like this abstract very much, it has very interesting patterns and colors. Personnally, I would have explored making the image flat, i.e. having the line dividing the image horizontal. I have tested the crop proposed by @Igor_Doncov, and a one keeping most of the lower part. See below. I think both of them work.

Hi Rick! This is so amazing! Before I read your description I too thought it looked like a mini forest, with different varieties of pines and disiduous (sp?) trees and then you even have the tops of trees blurred out right in the foreground. Awesome find, you see well…


Thanks for the comments. I do enjoy looking for what isn’t obvious at first and coming up with compositions that have implied movement or gesture. And I enjoy learning of the little tweaks in Photoshop that can bring out the potential in images. This image (in RAW) had a lot of reflected light which hid or muted the color. In hind sight I should have used a polarizing filter. In the end, it worked out OK.



This reminded me of a soil profile diagram showing plants above ground and various soils below. But there are a lot of possible compositions from this one scene.