Query about Wayne Jones

I was just wondering if anyone has talked to or perhaps have heard from Wayne Jones lately? Wayne used to be such an active member of NPN and I haven’t seen or heard anything from him in a while. As most of the old time NPN members recall, Wayne had that cancer scare a few years back but he came through that and became very active again. I’m just worried and concerned since I haven’t seen anything from him in a while. I used to email him from time to time but I lost all of my email contacts about 2 years ago so I can’t reach him that way any longer. Any news from anyone???


I have wondered myself. My last email exchange was in 2017. He contributed to the old NPN as late as mid 2018. And more recently I did a search and found"recent images" on 500pix from October 2018. The name isn’t unique in Google, so not much help there although that’s how I found the 500pix.

I’ve sent you a PM with his email address if you want to try that. Would be great to see him back on NPN is he’s around. If not, it becomes a sensitive subject. Hope all is ok.


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He never opened my email when I announced the new NPN, hopefully he just changed his email and not something worse.

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Thanks David. I’m going to drop him a note at the email address Lon gave me.