Rain moving in over the Haringvlietdam

Interesting weather today…

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Sigma 45/2.8 Panasonic S5. Processed in PS 2022.

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Wow, interesting cloud formation here, Jaapv. Well done.

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I like how the shape of the cloud and the light rays create a radial pattern that mimics the shape of the wind turbines (but on a much vaster scale). And by the way, the image really benefits from the turbines providing a sense of scale, it makes this cloud even more impressive looking. My only nitpick is that I wish there was slightly more water on the bottom, for a bit more breathing room,

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I agree with the above comments Jaapv. My favorite part is the light spilling out in the bottom right, and agree with @Ed_McGuirk that zooming out to add a bit more canvas to move that bright area to fit the Rule of Thirds would make the image even stronger.

Thanks for the nice comments. I’ll have a look at that, I still have a few spare pixels in my computer, and of course I can create a few more. I’m not sure about more water, I tried that and it took away from the looming presence of the cloud, I thought.