Rainy, Canyonlands National Park, UT

Taken 2 years ago on a rainy afternoon. I actually got to use the camera rain cover I bought years ago. I like the softness created by the rain and the textures in the sky. These qualities reminded me of many of the late 19th century images I have seen in photo history books that were printed on uncoated papers or where the image soakd into the paper surface leaving the paper texture as part of the final image .

Specific Feedback Requested

Sometimes after spending hours on an image you loose perspective. so, any honest feedback is welcomed.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70-200 lens at 185 mm, iso 400, f9 at 1/500th.

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You have created a moody image and the B&W conversion fits this image well. It does feel a little over weighted to the left side. The main subject matter is all on the left with nothing to balance it on the right.

An interesting take on red rock! Well done. I think the negative space in the upper right actually balances the composition rather than detracts from it.

I really love the look and feel of this photo, Guy. A landscape like this usually seems to be presented on a sunny day! Like I didn’t even think a place like this ever saw rain! But the rain makes it feel somewhat more inviting and cozy. It’s softer instead of grand and formidable, if that makes sense! I also really love the black and white, it makes me think (not that I’m an expert) of something Ansel Adams would have composed. Beautiful work!

A fine moody scene. Just a thought … darkening the rhs sky gives a different feeling an balance. Some noise reduction or blurring of sky would also be worth a try.

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I apologize for the late reply to everyone. I have been off the grid, that happens somewhat frequently with me as I am traveling full time. I could follow the comments on my phone but my hands shake too much to do any typing on that small a keyboard. I have to wait for a place to sit at my laptop and wifi.

Thanks to Richard for your comment. I never felt the image was unbalanced, though I can see how some people might. One thing I do when I am not sure of the composition is to turn the image upside down and walk away from it for a few minutes then come back and look at it as an abstract. If it balances upside down it will balance right side up. I learned this when shooting mostly a 4X5 view camera where the image was upside down on the ground glass.

Dick, there was no noise in the image. Zones 4 - 6 in the original. I think what you may be referring to is the texture introduced by the increased amount of rain on the right. The introduced texture is one of the qualities I like in the image, giving it an 18th Century stained or textured feel. which is one of the qualities I like in the image.

Tony, I agree with your points but you are not giving the white rim its due. ;^)

Vanessa, style wise I am very much not an Ansel Adams, but thanks for the compliment. Ansels compositions were much more direct while I feel mine are a more design oriented. I have been influenced by the visual perception elements of Gestalt in design.

Again, thanks to all for taking time to comment.

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