Rainy Colors

Two years ago, when I started to take a different type of images other than grand landscapes at sunrise or sunset, I have never thought to be out in the rain trying to catch something about the atmosphere of a rainy Autumn day. While I was there with my dog both wet a magical sunburst illuminated (coming from right) the yellow part of the tree and the rain creating a really evoking mood.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

More contrast? I tried to keep the image quite delicate. Any suggestions?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

The idea of depicting something that it’s not fixed really motivates me. Knowing that it is an unconventional image… comments and critiques are much appreciated :blush:

Any pertinent technical details:

Sony a7 with Tamron 70-300
1/60 s - iso 100 - f11

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

This is quite nice and quite different. It has a very strong painterly look and the rain is what makes it so different. It is almost like looking at the image through a patterned almost clear film. Great shades of green, too.

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Very cool indeed. Agree w the painterly look. B/c of the brighter right side it feels heavily weighted right. Maybe 4:5 or square crop? Very cool light/scene!


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Fantastic image, Mattia. The rain gives this a very unique look, and as Harley indicated painterly feel. I think the framing is spot-on but agree that the brighter right side makes it a bit unbalanced. Rather than crop, I might experimenting with dodging the highlights in the left tree to gain a better balance.

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Very cool unique look to this given by the rain–I think it would be cool to see printed. I agree that maybe balancing the right side, maybe with some processing to give it a better balance might help.

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I agree with Dave, keep the composition, but increase the luminosity on the left side to achieve some tonal balancing. To enhance the painterly feeling, this one might benefit from a light application of Orton effect to the lighter tones in the image.

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Thank you all for your feedbacks. This is an alternative version following your suggestions about dodging the left part to balance the image.


I can safely say that I don’t recall ever seeing rain being captured like this. I love this! What a terrific combination of the rain and autumn colors, trees. This is beautiful work.

If anything, I would wish for more background around the main group of trees, just for more space and I think might even increase the mood and atmosphere. But that’s minor. Outstanding!


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