Random Texture

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This started out as a stacked image of a moss covered rock in my wife’s zen garden. I converted it to B&W through a luminosity mask, combined it with a color layer using one of the blending modes that I liked, then flipped and inverted it and combined it again with the original B&W using another blending mode. Some final adjustments in LR and this is the result.

Specific Feedback

I like the density variations and the lines formed by the texture. I’d be interested in knowing if this appeals to anyone else.

Technical Details

Sony A7Riv, FE 70-200 @ 140 mm, 28 image stack, f/16, 1/15, iso 1000, manual exposure, manual focus. Processing as described above. Taken at 8:06 this morning.

Dennis, at first I thought this was an image of snow and grass. Never would have guessed it was moss. And wow 28 images stacked! Your editing machine must be a beast.

I love the experimentation and creativity after reading your process. The image is more than what it appears to be and I find it quite interesting especially the random texture. Nice work!