Red-tailed Hawk + RP

A RP with Roberta’s reminder to bring out a bit more light on the face/eye:

Original post:

Driving toward Pierce Point, at a sharp turn to the right I spotted this guy to my left. By this time Lon had figured out to expect me to stop in the middle of the road (and, actually, I think he may have been stopped in the middle of the road some distance back…) I had time to put down my window and grab the camera from the passenger seat and get a couple of shots. Don’t even remember if I had the presence of mind to shut down the engine, but the temperature was perfect so I didn’t have any heat or A/C going to create more thermal mixing than was already present in the coastal air. I was looking up at him with no chance for a BG.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 3.25.40 PM

Only slight moves of Shadows and Highlights in LR, and into PS for NR. Slight Curves on the post. Cropped to 24% of the full frame – didn’t have the 2X on.


Such a gorgeous and regal creature! I like the pose, with it looking off across the frame into the distance. Good job taking the pic without a car accident! :crazy_face:

Hi Diane, I like the head turn here and being able to see the sharp curving point of the beak so well. Nice view of the eye too. Good vertical composition with the bird slightly to the left and looking right. Nice image.

Lovely shot and great detail on the feathers and the eye. If you are entering it into a competition, maybe try brightening the eye just a touch with a radial filter in cam raw. Otherwise, Not much more I would add.

Thanks, @Mark_Muller, @Allen_Sparks and @robertakayne! Roberta, I usually do a “virtual fill flash” to lighten up a face, with a masked curves in PS for max control, but neglected that here. Thanks for the reminder! I’ve added it above, along with a bit of warmth.

I love these guys. I have them flying around on the hill in my back yard, but they’re hard to get close to. I’m sure they build nests in the hill’s forest and maybe one day I’ll locate one. This is a wonderful shot that shows his strength and great presents. I think I like the original image better. The warmth you added seems to dim down and change the colors a little to much. For me, this takes away the contrast the original has that makes him feel more dominant. I also like the whiter post. It looks washed out and old with more detail. Glad you had the opportunity to photograph one of these guys. Very well done.

Hi Diane
The repost is much nicer, with add color, detail and better eye lighting. Nice work.

Very nice close-up look at the hawk. Good job on the re-post.