Reflecting on El Cap

Captured this last year but never posted on the old site. Had one similar that included sky. I liked how the fog/mist enshrouds El Cap, I debated spending the time in cloning out the leaves and debris in the water.

Thanks for looking!


Lon, I really like the tones in the shoreline, trees, El Cap, and the clouds. My only concern is the darkness of the reflection: it feels too dark, and out of key with upper part of the image.

You did a fine job holding detail and good color in the wall, and the oaks look real nice.

Lon, this is a neat take on El Capitan. The whiteness of the rocks and their reflection is quite an attention grabber. The fall colors in the trees make a fine contrast. I like the floating leaves as they add to the story. I too would like to have the darker part of the reflection a bit brighter.

The reflection part of this image is what makes it for me, Lon! The darkness makes for more dramatic lighting and better contrasts., Rather than making the reflection brighter I think I would be inclined to darken the top just a bit and add a little contrast to that portion.

The dark reflection is lovely and very mysterious. Love the colors and cloud shrouding the top parts of El Cap. The leaves and debris in the water don’t bother me at all and add to a real sense of being there.

Thanks for the comments folks! Yeah, I can see that there might need to be some work on this, even if it doesn’t change the darkness of the reflection. There’s some contrast issues and other things besides just the reflection. I’ll be sure and keep notes on this one. THANKS!

Lon, a classic look at this giant monolith. I really like the composition but can agree with thoughts on the overall variance between the lighter landmass and the reflections in the water. I would think some minor adjustments in those two areas would have this working just fine…:sunglasses:
Your additional thoughts on spotting out the leaves might be a positive idea as well especially in the adjusted scene…:+1: