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Well, I have some Christmas bonus burning a hole in my pocket and wanted to get a couple things for my bag.

What is anyone using for their remote control shutter releases (for Nikon with 10-pin connector?)

I’ve been too cheap to buy the $64 Nikon remote cable/wired release and have been using cheap 3rd party remotes figuring I could just buy a couple and if they fail/break, no biggie, they’re cheap.
Well, I’m done with that as I’ve gone through at least 3 in the last couple years.

I’m looking at getting the Nikon WR-10 set up with the receiver that plugs in to the 10-pin connector and with the handheld wireless WR-T10 remote.

Tired of the long wire tethered to the camera when I’m out in the field. The biggest peeve I have with the D800E is the positioning of the connection for the 10-pin cable plug; of course not a huge deal though.

I would be concerned about losing the wireless remote too.
Having the ability to literally remotely trigger the camera from some distance is a “nice to have” feature, but I don’t shoot birds or have a need to (maybe I will in the future).

What is your set up and preference?

  • Wireless remote - brand and experience
  • Wired remote - like the Nikon MC-30A
  • Some other option, recommendation?

thanks in advance!

I have used a Nikon corded release on the D810. It looks like my model is no longer sold though. It is finally giving me a few issues, but it worked perfectly for a lot of years.

The wireless theoretically seems like a good concept, but more electronics to worry about, etc. I don’t mind a wired remote release at all. It is not like I would release the shutter from 15 feet away. I am always at the tripod, so I keep it as simple as possible.

I use a MC-DC2 Nikon wire release for my Nikon cameras. That said, I prefer to use a 2 or 3 second shutter delay setting than the corded release, off course it is not the right choice for all situations. I never seriously considered the wireless, like @Harley_Goldman mentioned, even more electronics and batteries (I assume) just seems like another potential complication. I might take that Christmas bonus and schedule a trip to a bucket list destination :wink: :grin:

Hi Lon,

I went through having tethered remotes and then 3rd party wireless remotes. Got fed up with them all, and now only use WR-R10/WR-T10/WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter Set.

I have five camera bodies (D4s, D5, D850, Z6, Z7), and can use the remote on them all, no wires. And this little remote will prefocus. Battery life is excellent, as well as pairing to camera bodies. It also is handy when you want to create videos ( except on the D5) because of the camera HDMI wireless trigger protocol.

I’ll use remotes mostly when creating Ultra Wide (Bracketed) Panos. Nothing compares to clicking the Nikon remote at pano intervals. I’ve picked up a lot of freedom and flexibility and, in certain situations, better quality images.

No more bouncing wires in the wind to worry about. The miniature size of WR-R10 allows ultralight gear pack-in. They work in all temps and climates. Easier to walk with the camera on a tripod without wires and trigger housings.

I’ve been glad to have this set up in high-front-light situations, where I had to move out of the image due to casting my shadow,…with the wireless remote, I’ll walk away to the side and trigger. No need to set up for delays…

The biggest issue with the setup is losing something or forgetting to check my pockets before I wash my clothes. Also if you’re not using the front 10pin port, Like the Z camera, make sure your ‘L bracket’ has proper cutout tolerances. I use only RRS and mothballed Small-rig and Chinese knockoff.

I keep a lookout for them on eBay and at KEH. They are pricey OEM thru B&H or Nikon. They were out of production for about nine months, but they are now back in stock. You can buy the trigger separate from the remote so that you can use one trigger on multiple cameras, each with remote. Or just have one set and use with each camera.

12/31/19 edit
I am using this small battery pouch $11 by tenbra to carry and hold my wireless kit.

I hope that helps

Vello wireless
Works great.

Looks interesting however it will not work in Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 because Nikon designed out 10 pin port. Also the Nikon SB-500 speed light would not be triggered with this … possible solution for 10 pin Nikons who don’t want/need wireless flash for SB-500

I’ve been shooting regularly for 10 years now and have gone the gamut of the original wired 10-pin remote, the Velo unit, and the Nikon wireless unit. Now, I’m back to the original wired system.

Maybe I’m just hard on equipment, but I’ve not had any luck with the wireless systems as the unit connecting to the 10-pin connection keeps breaking (Velo or Nikon). Much of the time, it’s related to placing the camera in and out of various bags and the device gets hung up.

Haven’t had this problem with the bulkier wired system.

Just my 2cents.

Thank you to all who have chimed in with their thoughts and experiences.

You’ve all identified pretty much all the issues with either system. Even the trusty old wired remotes can and do fail and are subject to the issues of the cable dangling, getting caught and subject to wear/tear moving in and out of camera bags etc.

Wireless… more electronics, batteries and potential for failure beyond just a hard wired cable. And those plugged in receivers can break, snap off etc.

For me, it’s boiled down to evaluating my shooting style, and my habits during the course of a photo outing. The frustrations of my current set up with a 3rd party wired remote are twofold. One, the poor quality of the remote, but also the fact that I leave the wired remote plugged in all the time so it’s susceptible to the tugs, pulls, catches and dangling off the camera leading to early breakdown. Plus, I most often carry the camera around mounted on the tripod while walking around photographing. I’m just tired of that remote flopping around…

Concern about a wireless remote??? Losing the handheld trigger, electronic failure and also having the transceiver break off.

So I just placed an order with B&H and will be getting the Vello wireless setup. The single reason I’m going for that over the Nikon solution for $100+ more??? The Vello remote has a wrist strap. I figure I can use a mini-carabiner or clip or something to attach to my person so I won’t drop/lose the remote. That little Nikon remote looks like it’s just begging to be lost or sent thru the wash as someone mentioned.

Also, the way I have my camera bag set up, there will be little chance to bump or catch the attached transceiver. Where as the long wired cables I have tucked in places around the camera and are problematic loading and unloading the camera.

I’ll give this a try. If it doesn’t work as expected, I’ll be for sure getting the original Nikon branded cabled remote. No more off-brand remotes for $9.99…

Thanks again folks! Good points and helped in my decision.

@Harley_Goldman, @Alan_Kreyger, @Ed_Fritz, @David_Schoen and @Jim_McGovern

I apologize for the late response. I have been using a wired Nikon MC-30A release for years- first with my D300S and now with my D810. It’s basic, but it works flawlessly. I have replaced it once or twice, but it was due to me dropping it in water at a lake or beach. At those times wireless remotes were considered, but I just know that the remote will get lost or fall out of my pocket or drop in water. It’s not due to clumsiness, it’s more a matter of my mind being geared towards composition in the fleeting, morning light than equipment awareness. True, the bouncing cord gets irritating on long hikes with the tripod resting on my shoulder, but I just wrap the cord slightly around the custom-made L-bracket. I do wish the MC-30 had more features (a lighted LCD display with a timer for long exposures?), but it must be doing something right after almost a decade of shooting with no replacement.

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Thanks for chiming in @Marc_McCann, appreciate you taking the time.

Thought I might update the thread and let you know my first impression of the Vello remote. I like it! I was worried the little transmitter was rigid, but the antenna is totaly flexible and so I don’t see that catching or breaking. My first stab at a solution to keep the remote from being lost, dropped is attaching it to a neck strap that I keep on me during a shoot. Ya know, like employee badges or whatever.

For the first time in decades I’m going to enjoy not having the wired remote dangling from the camera.

I’ve used on an afternoon shoot the other day and am happy so far. The quality of the product is excellent.

Of course it remains to be seen - the reliability, longevity and failed electronics, loss of remote, etc. and how this stands up over time. I think I was mainly looking for a change and I’m hopeful this will work for me for the foreseeable future.

One potential negative might be battery drain. The transceiver that plugs in to the 10pin terminal draws power from the camera battery. How much I don’t know. But there’s a little red light that flashes when plugged in, even when the camera is turned off. I’ll how the battery holds up after a few days with the camera just sitting in the bag.

Anyway, thanks again for the discussion. Nothing wrong with the cabled remote - I think I just needed a change.

@Harley_Goldman, @Alan_Kreyger, @Ed_Fritz, @David_Schoen and @Jim_McGovern


Hi Lon,
Thanks for the update. I was wondering how you were making out with it.

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