This is a young Flamingo in the salt pans near Eilat Israel.,
NIKON 500 f4
ISO 280

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Any pertinent technical details:

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Really good job on the exposure with this one Avi. You are able to bring out excellent detail in the plumage. Looks like you are able to get quite close to this one. Flamingos are a fun subject. The smoothness of the water really makes this a nice image.

A wonderful pose, Avi, and the fain pink tinge on the water works very well with the flamingo. The drop falling from the raised foot and the other just above the water add a gorgeous little touch to the image. Exposure and detail both look good. I don’t know if you’re into such manipulations, but I think a touch more light on the face and eye would take this image over the top.

Great image, love the detail and the two water drops.

This is a super good image, Avi! The detail in the plumage is really great. Nice pose of the Flamingo as well.

Hi Avi,

Overall, this is image is very nice. I would not change a thing as I like this one as presented. Well done…Jim

Hi Avi
The water drops and eye contact make this photo work for me. Nice color and detail.