Richer cuts +1 rework

Tannic ice desaturated & lightened slightly -

Another of my favorite abstracts. This is a bit of ice and rock on the Wisconsin River just downstream from my house. It’s hard to find compelling images in November, but I had just bought my G9 so I had to go out and try.

I was drawn to the shapes in the cracked ice and the lichen on the rocks. The general jumble, et there are some unifying elements present, too. The yellowish ice is just frozen tannins.

Specific Feedback Requested

Should I desaturate the yellow in the ice? It’s a natural part of the scene so my instinct is to leave it, but since this is really an abstract it can go either way.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Probably handheld -


Lr processed for a 2:3 crop and some exposure and white balance adjustment. It was a really overcast day so I boosted color, clarity & contrast, too.

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What great colors and textures. The brown ice does look weird to me, coming from an area where there aren’t a lot of tannin-rich waters. So, I would vote to neutralize it, even though it’s natural.

Kris, you’ve got a fine mix of colors and shapes here. The brown in the ice looks very natural. I am distracted a bit by the loss of sharpness along the bottom.

Thanks @Bonnie_Lampley & @Mark_Seaver - it’s an odd image and I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, the sharpness is a little off at the bottom unfortunately. I’ve posted a second shot with the tannic ice desaturated.

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