Ridges or Mounds? What Do You See?

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything about the crop or details that are distracting? Rather than edit to provide a variable viewing experience, should I simply edit to accentuate one version (ridges or mounds) over the other?

Technical Details


Hi David – I’m always happy to see a photo of mud tiles! Overall, I like the subject, soft light, and gentle processing. I also like the cracks within cracks, and the mixed textures in the larger cracks. All of those details add some visual interest.

Most of my comments focus on the composition. In looking at this initially, I had two immediate reactions. First, I wanted to flip it so the lines head out of the bottom. Second, I thought that the bottom (in your version) feels a little messy in terms of flakes of mud and debris, so I thought about wanting to find a cleaner crop. In my work, I try to simplify and eliminate those messier parts so my feedback follows that tendency (and, for example, I would have likely tried to exclude the messier parts of the scene when I was working in the field). The presentation I share below feels a more tightly organized and like it flows more naturally from top to bottom to my eye.

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For me the flipping creates an interesting optical illusion. In the original I see mounds separated by narrow valleys. In Saras’s version I see narrow ridges separating depressions. I prefer the flipped version. Well done.

Hi David,

I’m having trouble recognizing any of this as having ridges, I see mounds or rounded areas in a random pattern so to answer your question, “I see mounds”.
I don’t see anything distracting.

I like the patterns and the details along with the progression in the size of the mounds from top to bottom.

At the moment it doesn’t remind me of anything in particular or spark an emotion but sometimes it just takes time and more than one visit.

I like it :slight_smile: