Rise and Fall



The fore ground represents the ruminants of the past or original Sierra range and the new Sierra range in the background

Specific Feedback Requested:

any and all

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

3 image panorama



Classic and iconic indeed! Well, at least for someone from CA who loves the Eastern Sierra and all that it includes, from Death Valley in the south all the way up and past Lake Tahoe, and all in between.

This is a classic shot from the Alabama Hills and beautifully captured Imust say. I like everything about this, and especially like how the rock formations closely mimic the rise of the Sierra range in the background. Of course many make the mistake thinking that’s Mt. Whitney there, but alas, Whitney is behind the clouds. But that in no way diminishes the greatness of this image.

Great job with the pano presentation as well. Oh, and really like the balance created with the foreground. Well done all the way around!


Absolutely beautiful image James! I can only repeat Lon’s comments - Great job! And I appreciate the info as well. My only nit - it looks like there is 1 dust spot at the top edge of the clouds just to the right of the tallest peak.

Very well done!

I do have some images with Mt. Whitney when I went to the" big" lens. The two mornings I was there were but not the conditions of the the mountains but it did provide for some dramatic B&W images. Thanks for the comments.