Roaring Brook I

Here is another shot from late September last year up in Baxter State Park, ME. Different day, different stream from the last one.

f/11, 0.3s, ISO400

All comments and critiques welcome.

Craig, I really like the view here. You’ve got a good emphasis on the rocks and stream set off well by the bright green leaves at the back. To my eye, the oranges look a bit over saturated even for a cloudy/rainy day. That big rock in the lrc and the splash around it are a fine presence.

Craig, this is a wonderful scene and a very nice use of the foreground boulders . I agree with @Mark_Seaver and the oranges are a little strong for my taste. I really like the rainy dark mood in this scene but I might try backing off on the blacks just a little. I have no other nits.

Really very nice work!

This is beautiful, Craig. Really conveys the feel of the north woods. The composition is nicely balanced and processing looks good to me. I don’t find the orange over-saturated globally but I could see dialing back the orange/warm temp in the front left pool I know the color of these tannin rich streams can be very orange but I think a little less saturation would provide better harmony.

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Craig, I love the early autumn mood that you have captured in this scene. It certainly has the look and feel of a rainy and foggy day. I have never been to Baxter State Park, this image has made me want to give it a visit. The processing of the highlights and shadows is very well done, I also love the diffuse look of the foggy trees in the background.

For my taste, the orange saturation is only a bit too strong in the submerged rocks below the falls. The orange leaves in the URC and the rocks on the right side look good to me, given that it is a rainy day and they are wet. In my opinion, the mid-ground and foggy background of this image hold a lot more interest for me than the water in the near foreground does. I might consider a more panoramic crop away from the bottom, cropping just a bit below the base of the big rock on the left.

A beautiful shot, Craig. Fine mood. I like the exposure time that you used, showing the flow in the water without killing the dynamics. No milky look.
The saturation of the leaves looks good to me, I agree that the color in the front pool is a bit strong.


Beautiful river scenic. Those are some serious boulders and I think you’ve done an excellent job corralling them in this composition. In fact I’m particularly impressed with your choice of inclusion - of how much to include of the very large boulder on the left. I will just say, Just right.

There’s a nice balance between the rock, the vegetation and the stream.

I would agree with the other comments about oranges in the lower water/rock and also the blacks. But the conditions are such that the richness of the scene comes to bare as well. So all in all this is a very enjoyable and lovely image - even a bit serene.


Really a nice image, Craig. There is a lot going on, but it comes together really well. I would agree with the thoughts on the saturation and blacks in the fore pool. Otherwise, the processing looks good to my eye. Good stuff.

Thanks @Mark_Seaver, @Alan_Kreyger, @Dave_Dillemuth, @Ed_McGuirk, @Han_Schutten, @Lon_Overacker and @Harley_Goldman!

It’s unanimous regarding the orange saturation and many commented on the blacks, so I will revisit the processing when I’m back at my home computer. It’s good to get other eyes on these, because I didn’t notice that at all prior to posting.

Ed, I can’t say enough good things about Baxter. You won’t be disappointed!

I really like the scene. I can fell the cool peacefulness of a fall day in the woods. The center in the foreground acts as a leading line but I think the star of the image is the above the black and orange. The lower part seems to my eye draw it and hold it. You could even crop this to a pano and it would be really nice.

Excellent, tight composition which brings the waters and rocks right in your face. I like the orange of the leaves but the reflections do seem a touch over bright - not a big deal, though, for me.

This looks beautiful, Craig! The flow of the stream draws my eyes in to the scene. I like the counterpoint between the color of the foreground rocks in the bottom center / left and the autumn leaves in the upper right. This forms a nice diagonal line that pulls the image together. Nicely done!

Craig, I’m a sucker for streams. Makes me want to get back to Baxter, Golden road, and KI.