Again, wonderful composition and light.

I wouldn’t change a thing and the light at the bottom is sublime. Well seen. Even though you took artistic license with the colors it works really well for me and is quite believable. Glad you went back to grab this one.

@John_Williams, @Tony_Kuyper, and @David_Haynes thanks so much! I am also glad that I waited for that light in the foreground, too!

This is a winner, Adhika. Great subject, nice light, balanced composition.

I have a similar taste for this kind of image so that’s no surprise. I really like the foreground light and it’s warmth contrasting with the cools of the background slopes, yet it’s brightness is in balance with the softer background light. The organic pattern of the rockfall boulders is well-placed within the comp and contrasts well against the smooth curving geometry of the foreground landforms.

What I think would improve it for me would be to add a bit of contrast to the background slopes, particularly around the boulders to bring out some of the overlapping patterns. Not too much to make it busy, though. That might also bring out some of the color variations of the slopes.

And then I wonder what it would look like as a B&W!