I have visited this area a few times in the past and this sketch has been on the list of images I would like to do from this place. Finally, I got to it this past weekend and I wonder why didn’t I do this sooner? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, any critiques are welcome. Let me know also if you don’t “get” the image. Thank you for your feedback!

Two images, focus-stacked. D500, 300mm, f/11, 1/15, ISO 50.
Full frame. I do not usually go with a 3:2 aspect ratio but this one seems to work.



I’m enjoying this composition. Everything fits together and flows nicely for me and the touch of warm light in the foreground is the icing on the cake for me.

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Hi @Adhika_Lie, you captured a beautiful intimate scene. I love this kind of shot. Light and composition are superb. Thanks for sharing.

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Adhika, this is a fine “real abstract”. The variety of subtle colors and shapes in the crevice are lovely. The kiss of light works well on the foreground without overwhelming the shaded areas. Beautiful.

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This is really excellent, Adhika. Great composition and gorgeous colors. I can’t think of any way to improve.

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This is quite wonderful. The colors are quite beautiful and as someone mentioned, the “kiss of light” is an added bonus at the bottom. The only minor suggestion I have would be to reduce the red in that small rock just left of center. Very minor, but mildly draws the eye.

Ok, I’ll bite. I’m letting you know that I don’t understand what I’m supposed to “get?” The title “Rockfall” is pretty literal, so don’t think there’s anything there. So no, I don’t get it. It’s a beautiful nature image and story, but beyond that, you got me.


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This one is quite enjoyable, Adhika. I really enjoy the lines of the little canyon and the rocks add a lot. The warm light works nicely to accent the whole scene. Very well done.

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Beautiful and unique. The colors and light are wonderful, and while I don’t really know what the scale is or whether I’m looking uphill or downhill, it is fascinating to look at.

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Is there a Dutch tilt that you’ve used here Adhika?

Such a beautiful scene! The soft contrasts and colors, lines, line of rocks (massive or small?) are placed in a perfect composition. The touch of sidelight in the front adds a great extra.

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This is fantastic! Not sure if I am looking up or down or head on, but I know that I am thoroughly enjoying all of the radiating lines along with the array of warm and cool tones in the image. The bit of warm light on the FG rock also works well here. I am not sure what you mean by “get the image” so I will wait on your update. Great eye to spot and isolate this abstract.

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Thanks, guys!

Now I can’t unsee that, Lon. Very easy to do, consider it done. Thank you so much!

@Nathan_Klein, @Mark_Seaver, @Harley_Goldman, @Ron_Jansen, @Ed_Lowe: Yes, I was happily surprised with the touch of warm light in the FG, too. I have shot a few frames a few minutes prior to this without that light and boy I am glad that I didn’t pack up immediately. I think that the sun adds a lot to the image.

This is a fascinating idea. I didn’t think about scale when designing this image. Now, it makes me dream what if there is a bighorn sheep right there…

Oh this is interesting. I thought it was somewhat obvious with the sidelight but I will just attribute it to the “asbtract” quality of this image… But having said all that, here is the thing:

The next time I am posting something after some bourbon, I have to proofread what I write. :laughing: What I was wondering was actually related to something that you brought up last week. I was wondering if I was able to get across the “story” of the image just by looking at the image. In this case, I am curious if the viewers see the analogy between the rock formations and a waterfall without looking at the caption/title. I thought the title kinda gave it away but reading @Kathy_Barnhart’s and @Ed_Lowe’s comment about the orientation, I am not quite sure.

I appreciate all these feedbacks. It’s always good to hear a different perspective.

Ahhh, ok. No even with the title I never made a connection with a waterfall. I think those of us spending enough time in Yosemite, the eastern Sierra, etc., are more than familiar with “rock fall” - and that means rock slides, avalanches, and quite literally rock fall. Never thought of water. Or maybe it was the Cabernet… :wink: :innocent: :laughing:

Very nice image. I’d be interested to see the one without the sunshine as well.

I’m coming in late on this image, but this image is wonderful. With all these diagonal lines it’s like a vortex of pastel colors that just pulls you into the scene. I think the 3:2 aspect ratio works very well here too. I also love the interplay of the cool tones in the top of the image, and the warm light in the bottom third. I love this as presented, i would not change anything about it.

This is really nice, love the pastel hues and soft contrast. I would recommend darkening the edges just a tad, to draw more focus towards the center and emphasize the subject (the boulders) of the frame more.

Thanks, @Igor_Doncov, @Ed_McGuirk, and @Eric_Bennett.

I actually did not even bother processing the files without the sun. I have marked them for deletion but I don’t think I have deleted them yet. I’ll see what I can do with them.

Adhika, I was immediately attracted by these colors in a stunning composition.An image like a painting? No, an image like a colorful image !!

Thanks, @Ben_van_der_Sande and thanks for mentioning about the colors. Even though I did take some artistic liberty with the overall color temperature but the variation that comes out on the rocks are indeed there. A simple tease with selective color (in relative mode, even) can bring them out to shine.

One of my favorites in a while Adhika. The rocks are such a good anchor, and the lines you caught flow so nice. I think you did a great job on the processing; the color is just right to my eye. That kiss of light on the foreground is a perfect cherry for the cake! Nicely done!!