Rockin Tree Reflection

Although there is still some ice on our lake I found this reflection in a thawed section. I was intrigued by the way the lake bottom only filled the branches.

Specific Feedback Requested

Composition & processing

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70mm f/8 1/40 sec iso 100


Oh this is terrific! I love how the bottom of the lake becomes the ‘bark’ in the tree reflection. Really well judged in terms of mix - sky and trees. You could clone out that large and rather blue leaf where the branch leading to the right connects to the tree. It’s a bit of an eye magnet. And maybe a bit of a crop in the ULC to remove the bright blue patches. It would solidify the composition, IMO. Nice clarity and details here. The stillness is palpable.

Beautifully composed and creative shot Mario. The textures are brilliant and the colors work well together. I agree with Kristen’s comments about cropping out the little tuff of grass or at least cloning out that one bright one in the upper left corner. It might be interesting to see what this shot would look like flipped vertically?

Thank you @Kris_Smith @Blake_Randall for your comments. Agree with eye catchers. Rework below.

Really nice image and great execution, Mario. I see all kinds of opportunities for rotating to vertical, flipping, etc…The rework is a nice update. Well done.

I really like the dual reality you have constructed here. The rocks within the shadows are a big part of it but the rocks in the sky work as well for they give an illusion of clouds and that adds a 3rd dimension to the illusion. I can see crops that would make this still more abstract. I like this a lot, particularly the left half, which is less chaotic.

That’s really cool and good on you for seeing it!
I love it!

Thank you @Igor_Doncov @Tom_Nevesely @David_Bostock for your comments and suggestions. Igor I had thought about cropping the lright off myself. Will give it a look.

@Igor_Doncov here is a crop which I do think simplifies the composition.