Reflections 2

Simply a reflection on Lake Aleeda

Specific Feedback Requested

Comp and processing and any other.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
200mm f/11 1/160 sec iso 200


Lovely, Mario. Wonderful reflections of the clouds in the lake. Nicely seen and captured.

Well seen, Mario. It’s a gentle image, but has a quiet drama. You handled the greens nicely. Not sure about the top part of the sky reflection…whether it bookends and frames or not.

Nice, simple and very effective. I would experiment with a gradient mask and darken the grasses just a bit, most along the bottom edge and fan it up with the gradient mask. It should not need much. I quite like this one.

Well seen. The clouds are the highlight for me: their colors and arrangement.
I also wondered about the top and the grass at the bottom before reading the other comments. By that time, I had my cropping tool out, with this result.

This is very nicely done, Mario! I like the concept of this photo. I don’t have any critiques, so I will just enjoy this image and appreciate your vision to see this photo.

I often approach photography from a more literal perspective, and although I have worked to learn to see beyond the literal this is a scene that I would most likely have overlooked.

I think this is wonderful! I enjoy the slightly surreal point of view – the FG tells me I’m down low looking level, but then I’m seeing the sky! (Would be amazing with no ripples but then they are a nice clue as to what I’m seeing.) @Dick_Knudson’s crop makes it even more surreal somehow.

Very creative bit on seeing here Mario. It is both literal and non-literal at the same time, which makes it very artistic. I like it exactly as presented, I wouldn’t tweak anything at all.

Thank you all @Ed_McGuirk @linda_mellor @Brian_Schrayer @Kris_Smith @Diane_Miller @Harley_Goldman for your comments and suggestions. I did apply a gradient filter to the grass with some decrease in exposure but decided to leave it uncropped.

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