Reflections on a Year Gone By......Happy New Year Everyone

An ICM of Lake Aleeda Grasses

Specific Feedback Requested

All welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
12mm f/11 1/5sec iso 100


Mario, this turned out nicely. I like the subtle movement which adds a bit of softness to the scene.

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I like the movement as well–the vertical wavy pattern. One minor suggestion is to try burning the brightest wavy part that is just left of center. That part is tugging a bit at my attention (but maybe it’s just me) .

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Unique and very nice, with lovely colors! The highlight area that @DeanRoyer mentioned might be brought down a bit by a careful brushed selection, but I’d be tempted to only do it against the hills/trees and just above – the area in the water looks like a reflection of a fog-obscured sun and serves as a focal point for me.

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This is lovely - it has such a nice balance, beautiful color, and cool textures. I might be tempted to crop a tad off the left, so the grasses intersect the frame edge. The overall feeling is calmness (although those grasses do have energy) and balance, and that one bit of space doesn’t seem to fit.

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I like the dreamy feeling this has Mario.

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I agree Bonnie. I had already cropped that side but not enough.

Rework with additional crop

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