Roseate Spoonbill Lovers Key

![Roseate Spoonbill Lovers Key]

I was raised in Naples, FL on a trip back I was driving between Fort Myers Beach and Naples.
This single guy was hangging out on the old pier piling. Pulled the car over and created two images.
This is now a state park it was just swamp when I was growing up.
ps lighting is again bird on edge of the dark swamp with late afternoon light hitting the spoonbill.

Specific Feedback Requested

after 40 years of not touching a camera. Starting over with digital
Looking for all observations.

Technical Details

Lumix S5

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Having never seen a spoonbill I am mesmerized by this photo as the detail and colours are very good. It is probably the black background, or the still pose, that makes it feels like the bird is not real. What is in the background? Is there is a way to brighten the background as that may give more dimension?

I too am just back into photography and this group and very appreciative of the feedback and support. I hope you find the same.

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The spoonbill stands out really nice against the dark BG. Nice pose as well. A pleasant image! Best, Hans

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Thanks Guys
This is part of a series of bird portraits making images and backgrounds as I would do people.
I will post more of them in the coming days.
Hans has a image of a Spoonbill in his portfolio.

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Interesting lighting, but I think there is a bit of blue-magenta cast – maybe intentional, though.

The horizontal composition feels less than ideal for the subject, but again, choice. If it were me, I’d crop from the right a little to move the subject just a bit off center, and add a little at the top.

Hi Steve
I have looked at your three posting and would like to know, what image software you are using?
All three shots are really nice photographs, but the color saturation does not seem natural. Away thank you for showing us these birds.


What a stunning bird and so nice of him to pose for you. The black background makes the bird glow. Somehow, I think a vertical orientation might frame the bird better, though. Anyway, exceptional.

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Thanks, everyone this image was published the horizontal crop was requested by the publisher.
I will do a vertical redo and post.
I am not a birder so do not make the images as documents. When doing landscape work the birds and alligators seem to find me. I edit to the saturation/color I like. I have always loved birds but know nothing about them.

Tried to remove color cast and cropped to portrait.
Let me know if this is better

Tried to move the re-post up top but could not figure how to keep the original. Please help

Hi Steve, it’s pretty easy. Just edit your original post by clicking on the little pencil. Then go to the top of your post, and press enter a couple of times then click on the yellow picture to add another image. Looks like you tried, but for some reason it didn’t work. Please try again. If you’re still having issue, let me know.