Ruby throated Hummingbird and Brazilian Bog Sage

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


It is the end of the hummingbird season in SE Michigan and most of the birds have left for Mexico. Several migrants are still present and I wanted to try to get them at a flower that was different than expected. Most bird pollinated flowers are red, orange, and or violet and blue. The plant is Salvia uliginosa and the hummingbird visited this frequently during the photo shoot.

Technical Details

Z9 600mm f4, 4 flashes set at 1/32 power (1/200sec, F18, at ISO 6400 Topaz DeNoise, Crop for Comp, Levels…Jim


Another fine multiflash hummingbird image, Jim. I like the flower and the wing position of the hummingbird. You might want to take that flash setup inside somewhere for the winter and use it to shoot flowers. I really, really like what it did for this one.


Really nice image Jim. I like the upward bend of the stem of the plant and the subtle flower colors are very nice too. Cool pose on the hummer with those forward wings. Fine details on the hummingbird also. Well done.

Another winner!

True, they don’t go after blue or purple flowers much in my experience so it is nice to see this last-minute grab for nectar. I’m pretty sure ours are gone already since I haven’t seen one in a few days. Great sharpness & wing position. the beak being partly in the flower is nice, too. Wonder if it isn’t a tad bright…?? Conditions may have been so. Those feet just knock me out.

Beautiful image, Jim.

Thank you @_Kris , @Allen_Sparks , @Dennis_Plank , @J_Fritz_Rumpf . Hummingbird have increased in the last 24 hours as a cold front moved through SE Michigan. Migrants will continue through October and into November so keep those feeders filled. My only November record for a hummingbird is November 1 and it was an immature rufous that never came in while the camera was out. It has been fun getting these birds photographed and they are used to the procedure. …Jim

Jim: that image is perfection in its simplicity.

Beautiful! Such a clean background, too - was that natural or a green ‘card’ way out of focus in the background? It’s lovely no matter what, I am just curious

Thank you @Richard_Sandor .

Thank you @brenda_tharp . Brenda, I use some large prints of out of focused vegetation for the backgrounds. Keith Bauer provided a tutorial for this type of photography for NPN.

I wondered. :slight_smile: I have also used out of focus prints and they work great!