Rufous Hummingbird

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Easy shot - nice cool spring morning on the mountain. Sitting on my porch, I took about 300 of these.

Specific Feedback

Mostly interested in reaction to the cropping/framing/aesthetics

Technical Details

Z9 560mm f/11, 1/1250, iso 220
Miminal NR and sharpening in Topaz AI.
Crop in LRC


What a beautiful portrait! The colours are complimentary and tell a wonderful story of spring with the vibrant yellow green. Great sharp details on the bird and the foliage and a dreamy background. I can see why you took 300! I would have too hoping for a bit of action.

Personally I don’t think I would leave so much negative space on the top. Do you have more foiage to show? Or simply use a different aspect ratio to crop out 25% on top.

Must have been a lovely morning!


I think that is what bothers me but I have no foliage to add to that part of the photo. I will look at the others to see if I can alter to framing…

Hi Daniel,

This is gorgeous! :slight_smile:

The BG, lighting and the pose is great!

Your processing with noise reduction and sharpening is spot on in my opinion.

You asked about cropping, I do think that a 4x5 ratio would work better IMHO (Cropping the top only).
Otherwise a perfect composition.

Well Done!! :slight_smile:

Hi Dan: Gorgeous perch and a great shot of the hummingbird. Another vote for taking some off the top. For presentation on screen, I don’t worry about standard aspect ratios, I just crop until it looks the way I want it and let the numbers fall where they may. If I’m printing, then I’ll worry about it because standard ratios make frames and mats cheaper.

Hi Dennis,

I don’t worry about crop ratios either, unless I’m printing, but it is an effective way to recommend how much to crop. :slight_smile:

Thanks - I will recrop and post and update.

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Thanks Dennis, I have never printed one of my images. but am interested in learning how to prepare one. Any advice is welcome.

Crop a little from the top will strengthen the comp. A very nice detailed portrait that does not need anything else besides the crop. …Jim

Hi Daniel, I agree with all the positive comments above. Also agree with taking some off the top. Well captured!