Running Buck

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any/All

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any/All

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I managed this fleeting shot of a fine looking buck and in my haste I didn’t get it composed like I would’ve liked. It is framed pretty close at the bottom but I really like the pose (and the huge rack). Does it survive? D500, Nikon 2-500 lens, 1/2500th, f/5.6, ISO 640, 500mm, cropped to 1440 x 1113, hand held, Topaz Sharpen AI

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That is one nice rack, Dave. For this kind of action, the clipped hoof doesn’t bother me much and you could probably add a sliver of canvas on the bottom with content aware crop or fill and no one would know the difference. While running away poses aren’t usually considered ideal, there’s a huge amount of energy in this image and in the right context, I think it would work very well.

Hi Dave, I’ll echo Dennis’ remarks. I’d add canvas at bottom and keep the image. We can still see the eye and the power displayed is impressive.

I added some bottom to it. Yep, I think it helped!

Good job, Dave. It helped more than I would have thought.

The repost is much stronger to me. We all strive for the classic large buck image but this one is a bit different than that and I like it. Thanks for posting.

I’ve photographed a lot of running animals, surely reflecting more about my stalking skills than it should. :rofl: Your haste paid off, because catching the hind legs up conveys the best sense of flight for my tastes!