Sails at Dawn - Shiprock, New Mexico

This is a shot taken from an Inspire 2 with the X7, 50mm.

This was the ONE shot I nailed the light on. I have a bunch of others but the light was fleeting. Not sure how to ask for feedback.

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Fabulous fabulous photo!

Drew, this image is simply fantastic, the light and color are wonderful. The contrast in luminosity and color between the left and right sides of that ridge-line creates a very dynamic look in the image. I love your processing of color here, it is very tastefully handled. Outstanding work on this image.

The only suggestion I have is to add some subtle vignetting in the upper corners.

Thank you. I’ll try the vignetting. It was interesting. Trying to time batteries and being in the right place for that flash of sun under the clouds with a drone… is always interesting. I love it though. We (Brendon Porter, formerly of Photog Adventures) and I met another photographer out there in early January out there, Arpen Das… from Canada… and shot this. Got a bunch of other stuff I will share from Bisti Badlands and then we went over and did waterhole canyon in Page. Then home… 1500 mile weekend.

Incredible image. Only thought is if you are going to print this large, there is a white square in the dark area, mid line on the far right that might stand out.

Drew, this looks great as presented. The lighting and color change between lit and shadow is terrific. It would look good on the wall.

Wow! I love the angle of the ridge, coupled with the play of light between the dark side of the spiny ridge vs the light side, leading to the rocky towers makes this spectacular!