Salmon Fishin - Eagle Style

I got quite a few eagle photos this year. This is one of my favorites.

An adult Bald Eagle as it hits the water in an attempt to catch a salmon. This is one photo in a series.

Sony a6500, SEL200600G @ 456 mm, ISO-320, f/6.3, 1/4000, hand held.

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Wow! I love the dynamic water splash and spray of droplets! Wonderful sharpness and tonal detail!

This is a wonderfully sharp image with the focus being spot on, Gary. Those water drops are amazing! I can see why it is one of your favorites.

Hi Gary,

I like the water droplets and eagle which are nice and sharp. The wings are also sharp from tip to tip. I would say that this fits well into the favorite image category. Awesome work on this photo…Jim

Easy to see why you like this one, Gary. The sharpness of the Eagle and it’s splash, the big V of the wings and all of the flying water make an excellent photo.

Superb image, Gary. The detail in the Eagle and splash is outstanding and it’s a very dynamic image.

Great action grab here Gary and very enjoyable to view. Composition and detail are wonderful, and especially happy that the water droplets didn’t obscure his eye. The line of stone really adds some interest too.

Any time you can capture a decent photo of an eagle, I consider it a favorite, but this one with all the big splash action really is a nice shot, Gary. I’m so glad that you were able to get out and shoot lots of eagle shots this year. What a blessing.