Sand Dollar

I believe this is probably my first macro image in my 12 years or so I’ve been a member of NPN. Also, it was not actually taken with a macro lens, but I kinda cropped it to a macro-like composition. I would appreciate any feedback to care to give, critiques, opinions, suggestions, whatever.

technical details:
Nikon D810 w/ Tamron 24-70 VR lens @ 70mm
1/500 @ f/16
ISO 200
Handheld w/ VR on


Bill, I like the design of this abstract. My only very minor quibble is the focus from the sharp edge to the blurred center. This is not to say the reverse would be any better, just that it feels different to me, which is subjective and you should take it as such.

Wow Bill, this is fantastic! Wonderful design and at first glance, once could easily mistake this for a white sandy beach - minus some sea grasses… :wink:

This has a bit of a high-key look to it which I think adds to the overall impression.

The softness up top Phil mentions is minor - but I’m guessing you have access to the sand dollar and could do a focus stack?

Excellent idea and great job working with this subject.


This is beautiful Bill! So simple and clean yet it still has a lot of interest. Nice work

Now this is what macro photography is about. Love the leading lines, design, texture and composition. So different a subject and so stunning.