Sanderling Silhouette

Another from the Jersey coast. There were too many sanderlings to count last weekend. Here’s one from right at sunrise.

In post, I straightened the image, ran a curves adjustment, and reduced noise. Didn’t sharpen this one because there’s already a bit of a natural halo, and I didnt want to make more pronounced. All C&C welcome.

500mm f/4 AF-S II, handheld
ISO 1000

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Lyle, I adore this. This is very very well done on all accounts I think: I think the fact that it’s not a complete silhouette (some shadow details on the bird) makes it super special. If there is something to nit, I will clone out the darker and more defined OOF wave/sand/water just behind the bird.

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One of the better avian silhouette images I’ve seen. I think the narrow depth of field and the warm colors in the out of focus areas really make the image pop. The addition of some ruffled plumage and the scant amount of detail in some areas of the bird as Adhika notes, are also quite beneficial. Nice job.

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A nice take on a common shorebird. I like the low point of view. The ruffled plumage adds a lot. I like the warm tones. I would echo Adhika’s thought about the darker area.

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Another great image. I love the silhouette choice and the colours. Nice pose with some of the feathers wind-blown (I assume). Cheers, Hans