Sandhill Crane - Bosque del Apache, NWR

Bosque in December/January is such a magical place. Unfortunately I had only 2 days, which is way to short.

Attached is one of the few images I consider worthwhile to show.

Specific Feedback Requested

I am a bit uncertain about the bottom foreground. I already cropped it so that there were only the reflection of the feed visible, but I did not like it. On the other hand when I crop it all the way to the impact of the left foot in the water, the crop gets to tight. Perhaps the best crop is then one I have now?

All comments/critiques are greatly appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D810, AF-S D 500mm F4 ED, Gitzo tripod, 1/500 sec f5.6, ISO 1250

Quite a nice reflection and a very lovely dancing pose. The sharpness of the subject isolates it well, and the BG colors are a nice fit. The bit of FG looks natural and, for me, is a necessary part of the composition.

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Hi Rudy, nice sharpness on the bird and an interesting pose (dance?). Techs looks good and I think you did well not to cut off any of the other birds in the background. I like the overall crop and composition.

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I think this crop is probably the best compromise, Rudy. I really like the separation you got between the star and the background birds, but I think you could carry it even a bit further by brightening the main character a touch. I really like the scene. It usually seems the dancer is in the middle of the pack and half obscured.

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