Sandhill Cranes - Winter Scene

Description:Not quite a winter scene with snow and ice, during late February/early March Sandhill Cranes converge in a couple of area in Indiana, at times there are literally thousands in the corn fields. The image was taken February 1, with just 3 cranes in focus and numerous others in the background. Image was taken with a Canon 80D, using a Tampon 100-400 mm lens, at 400 mm, f16, 500 ASA

Specific Feedback Requested:Any comments and/or suggestions on composition and post processing (I used Affinity Photo V1)

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 80D, Tampon 100-400 mm, f16,500 ASA

I like the idea here – you got a pleasing DOF. The closer OOF stalks are not an issue for me as they blend in well with the chaos of the ones behind them. The three cranes are nicely sharp and the BG nicely OOF. It would be nice if one or both of the other close ones would raise its head, but it’s hard to argue with wildlife. At least we can see the head of the one on the right.

Thank you for taking the time to review and comment - it is greatly appreciated.