Sandy Pond

Autumn 2020 photo project - taken 10/18/20 in Lincoln, Massachusetts

A shot from the misty shoreline of Sandy Pond. I liked the contrast between the sharpness at the top of the trees, and the softness of the mist along the shoreline. I also enjoy being able to combine green and orange whenever I can too, and thought this section of trees had an interesting mosaic of color.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any critique or comments are welcome

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D MKIV, Canon 70-200mm f4 lens, at 200 mm, ISO 200, 2.0 sec at f11.

What a great landscape slice. The mix of color tells a story and the limited view makes me want more. If that’s the photo’s job, it’s done it well. My favorite time in fall is when green is still present alongside the bright oranges, yellows and reds. The fog…well, that’s a photographer’s best friend and makes any image even more special.

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Ed, the colors in the trees and the touch of fog look great. This would also make a fine quasi-abstract with the river cropped out.

Ed, I also like the gradient from top to bottom. I have the feeling that the colors “drip” down to the shoreline. A restful image for me. I agree with @Kris_Smith about fog, and you are a master at that. Read your article on your site on fog.

While this one doesn’t grab me as strongly as some of the others you’ve posted, it’s a lovely slice of fall contrasts for the reasons you noted.