Santa Fe River at Sunset

This is my first higher ISO with the GFX50S, and I was pretty pleased with it. It definitely had some noise in it, but Topaz Denoise seems to handle it well.

Specific Feedback Requested

As mentioned, my first higher ISO image with the medium format - Any and all comments, critiques, suggestions, and reworks are welcomed and appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Fuji GFX50S w/ 45-100 @ 88mm (approx. 70 in 35mm)
.6 sec @ f/10
5000 ISO
Capture One Pro 21, PS, Luminar, and other stuff


I like this image just fine. The composition is good and well balanced. If I were to make a suggestion it’s that the greens above the water look a bit flat and lack energy whereas their reflection look very much more alive. I’m not sure what the cause of that but they may be a bit overexposed and undersaturated. I often get that look when shooting in flat light and then have have to make all sorts of processing adjustments to bring life and energy back into the image. And sometimes I can’t do it.

Wow, at ISO 5000 you still got a 0.6 second exposure at f10, this swamp must be as dark as the far side of the moon !!! The processing of noise looks very clean, I never would have guessed this was ISO 5000.

I think the composition works well, I’ll admit that I’m a big fan of symmetry. The triangular shape of the greenery on the right adds a nice dynamic aspect to the composition as well. I like reflection images, and this one is very appealing to me.

I agree with Igor’s comment. My only incremental suggestion is that if you reduce exposure/increase saturation above the water line, you should make a corresponding adjustment to the reflection of the greenery to keep it darker than the greenery above. Currently you have that relationship handled correctly in the image as presented.

I never would have guessed that this was ISO 5000. Incredible I’d say. I like the use of the two large trees near the edges to frame this image and although I’m usually not a fan of 50/50 top to bottom split, this works really well. I agree with both Igor and Ed about the top portion being less contrasty than the bottom I think a small amount of dehaze could work wonders but I really wouldn’t go very far with it. It’s pretty good as presented. I might warm it ever so slightly as well but this is fine as presented IMO. The detail is terrific too.

Nice one, Bill. The only small nit I have is mentioned by the others. I feel the upper greens are a little bright and overexposed maybe.