Scarface Scores a Salmon

A severly scarred Stellar Sea Lion feeding on salmon at Valdez, Alaska. It looks like he got torn up in a fight with another Sea Lion. He was faring pretty well though. This was taken in 2017 and he returned last year. I’ll be looking for him this season.

Sony a6500, SEL100400GM @ 280 mm, ISO-250, f/7.1, 1/4000, hand held.

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A great capture (for both of you), Gary. The clarity in this image is excellent. I guess they fight quite often, as when we were in Alaska several years ago, I remember seeing scars on them.

Gary, that scarring looks very fresh here. The image details are great, with the splashing water a fine extra bit. How nice to be able to track him over several years.

Quite vivid interaction. They both look worse for the wear. Good entry in the challenge.