Sea Otters

When we went to Monterrey in March, we took a side trip to Elkhorn Slough via a pontoon boat excursion. While the light was a bit high, it was a fairly productive excursion photographically. The number of Sea Otters outside the entrance and in the slough itself speak volumes about the recovery efforts down there.

Nice capture of the mother and baby Sea Otters, Dennis! Nice detail in the large version, yet you still can’t really tell where the baby fur meets Momma’s fur! They almost look like one two-headed animal!

Great catch! Otter and pup, eyes visible, eye contact, fine detail .
Maybe a little tight on the bottom?
That’s a neat place, for sure.

Beautiful catch here, Dennis. Wonderful details in the fur and I love the eye contact. No suggestion from me.

Having the mother looking at you adds a lot to this view, Dennis. The details in her, the cub, and the water look great. The “two headed critter” aspect is good for grins.