Hi guys, a couple of years ago I shot this seascapes. I was interested to foreground, so I decided to shot wide for both compositions.
I would receive any suggests regarding composition and post processing. What format works better for you? Is post processing too strong or not adequate for this scene? Thank you guys.

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Massimo, For me the first one works the best. Because of it’s overal color. And in my opinion better composition and post processing.

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Hi Massimo,

I like the sense of depth and the dynamic lines in the second image but also like the wide perspective.

Did you use a polarising filter in the first image? There is a bit of glare in the foreground rocks that I would consider taming a bit.

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Massimo, I think both versions work pretty well. The seastack(?) makes a very powerful subject in the horizontal image, and the interesting rocks on the ground create a nice sense of depth in the vertical, with the seastack in the distance. The rock formations at this location are intriguing, and I could see myself spending a lot of time at this place. Good to see you experimented with multiple compositions here.

In general I think the processing is well handled in terms of contrast and color. My only concern is that in both images the foreground is significantly brighter than the rest of the image, even the sky (especially in the horizontal). In most landscape images, the sky should usually be brighter than any part of the landscape, and generally things that are closer are usually darker in luminosity, and things that further away are lighter. My second concern, which is more of a matter of personal taste, is that I think the horizontal would benefit from a crop away from the bottom, showing a bit less foreground, and hence making the seastack more prominent.

I have reworked both images to reflect these comments, cropping, darkening foregrounds, and in the case of the vertical adding a stronger vignette, and a slight crop from the bottom.


I like the bottom shot best. I would a little off of its bottom area is all.

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@Ed_McGuirk thank you very much for suggests and reprocessing of my images. Really appreciated.

Striking images, Massimo ! I like the horizontal view best with its broader expanse of sky and more dynamic feel. I like the strong textures of the rocks but also wonder how they would look with a little less clarity.

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