Shade on the Walk

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Canon 7D, 10-22 @ 11, 1/320 @ f11, ISO 250

A walk on this moorland leaves you pretty exposed to sun and wind most of the time but the Spring trees occasionally offer a little shade.

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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I like this straightforward image of a country road. A bit more texture in the gravel surface would be nice to see.

I am really enjoying the graceful curve of the pathway as it draws me nicely into this springtime scene, Ian. This has a nice relaxing mood to it. Beautifully done.

Ian, this looks like a great day (and place) for a walk. A fine capture of an event that we all do routinely, but often overlook. This is the kind of scene that I would enjoy looking at again and again, especially on a bleak winter day.

Lovely comp Ian. This would be a scene worth revisiting when the shadows were long.


Lovely scene and capture. Peaceful and this makes me wish I could just park myself under those trees and enjoy the fresh country air and a cool breeze brushing my face.

Colors, processing look great. The lead-in of the path is classic and nicely composed.


A beautiful rendition of a “regular” scene, which are usually my favorites. I love the curving walkway and the wonderful spring colors. I have one incredibly tiny nit (really had to search for this!). I circled it in red - for some reason the hikers/bikers/walkers are drawing my eye like a magnet. I might clone them. While I had it open I also played in Selective Color to darken Cyan and Blue a wee bit and lighten the clouds in hopes of giving it a little more “pop”. Judge for yourself if you like or dislike that.

Your original for sky comparison

Bill : thanks so much for the kind comments and for taking the trouble to make some suggestions. I do very much like what you have done for the clouds - definitely an improvement. Had scarcely noticed the figures but I do tend to leave features like that as, for me, animating the scene.

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A very peaceful and evocative scene, Ian. It invites to follow the path and see what is just behind the hill. The light conveys a deep sense of a warm spring day.