Sharp-shinned Hawk - Repost

This little hawk has been hanging around now for a month or so. It has been a job to catch up to it on a nice and natural perch.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?

I left the barbed wire in. It seems to add to the environment.

Any pertinent technical details:

7DII, 700mm, 1/640, f/6.3, ISO 1600. Photo is 83% of a vertical crop from a horizontal shot.

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Excellent capture, David. Good details, nice pose, and a pleasing background. Yes, I like the barbed wire in the frame.

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Nice pose and pleasing vertical comp. I think I’d like to see it without the barbed wire. It seems to draw my eye.

Lovely portrait with a nice BG and a wonderful perch! I wouldn’t mind the wire except that is seems to be floating in space. If it were more gnarled and obviously attached to the post I would find it more attractive. I’m conflicted about the hue of the green – it seems to be leaning toward an unrealistic lime tint. Have you played with Selective Color, or Hue-Sat?

@Diane_Miller you are just too sharp. I watched a video the other day of a fellow doing a great job on dull looking landscapes using the blue slider in the calibration panel.

Excellent detail and pose, David. To my Northwesterner eye, the greens look fine for this time of year when the world is greening up again. The old fence post is a fine perch, though I tend to agree with removing the wire. I don’t find it a major issue, but I do think the image would work a little better without it. As Diane noted, it has the look of not being fastened (though I can make out the staple with effort).

Here is a repost. Barbed wire removed and a bit tighter crop to take out dominant fence post. And I removed my grass tweek. I was out earlier today and the green grass does have a lot of yellow in its green and there is also lots of yellow grass.

Thanks Again for comments. They are very helpful.

I love this capture. It’s giving me hope and it motivates me to go out with my camera :smiley: Details are great and I love the pose of the hawk. I think I like more the version without the wire.

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