Sheep Lake

A short, easy hike on Chinook Pass, WA.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

I love fall color. Fall, 2022, was a bit short of it around here. Most trees retained their leaves (many still have them now), and most just turned brown. The color walking into and at the lake was good. What about the left side rock and the blue water?

Technical Details

7DII; 1/320th; 9.0; 400iso; handheld.

Jim, the scene and the reflections are very warm and inviting. I like the bit at the bottom where there’s a mix of sky and pond bottom. However, the description for this week’s challenge is “reflections only”, so I’m moving this to Landscape.

Thanks, Mark.

Yeah, Jim. Fall color was somewhat lacking last year in the PNW. You managed to get some nice color here though. I like the comp, the blue sky doesn’t bother me at all, and neither does the rock on the left side; it feels balanced with the trees on the right side. Nicely done.


Excellent autumn “reflectionscape”. And to me it is all about the nice reflection, including the hint of blues at the bottom.

While I agree the rock on the left helps balance the overall scene, It is a bit bright - and even more so the bright vertical trunks and their reflections are mild distractions - although I like them. :slight_smile:

It’s also a little bright along the top edge mountain slope and rock. And with those things in mind, I tried a crop. It may not be your vision, but posting for an alternate view. I think your impression was about the colors and the season, but since I wasn’t there, the bigger impression for me is the reflection. And even though I’m quite sure the scene is level, I did also slightly rotate to offset the “perceived” tilt (receeding shoreline.) Anyway, here’s what I came up with.

@David_Bostock Thank you.
@Lon_Overacker Level: There is a “perceived tilt” which has bothered me. Your correction works. Crop: I tried that,too, but now the upper left area draws my attention. Not sure cropping more off the left helps. I like the top crop. Thank you.