Shine Through

I had to take a few rides over the falls to get this one. These are medium size shore breakers and the challenge was to get low enough to catch the light coming through, without getting pummeled. With the larger waves it was actually easier to make it out the backend as I went through them.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments are welcome.

Technical Details

1/2000sec f/4.5 ISO 1600 Water-housing


I just love this, Andre. I love the super-low perspective, even or below these shorebreakers. The light peaking through the inner part of the curl is really cool, hidden by the big bad breaker coming in over its top. Really great shot!

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Wow, this is a darkly moody image, Andre. And I mean that in a good/great way! I feel I’m about to be enveloped in the wave. I can see the need for the water housing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Interesting. The water almost looks like jello or even plastic. Perhaps that’s due to the lighting at that time of the day. At 1/2000th of a second one would expect every droplet in the foam to be separate I would expect. Can’t understand why that’s not sharper. The aqua green water colors are really interestingly different. Again it must be due to the temperature of the light. Love it all.

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The way the line of the water points to the house is really nice. As is, of course, the curl and reflection in the water itself. It’s playful in a way. Playful the way a tamed bear is playful, until somebody bleeds. Until then though, you can romp. Nicely done.

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Thanks for the comments everyone.
@Igor_Doncov The plastic look of the water is due to the lighting, but more so by the fact that these are smooth swells that don’t break until they reach the shore. I’ve seen quite a few people that are not familiar with the spot get a good thumping when it seems to rise up from no where and hits the shallow sand by the shoreline. Like the tame bear @Kris_Smith mentioned :sweat_smile:


Lovely Andre! I love the tube of color the wave forms and the glassy surface is perfect to my eye. Having been pummeled a time or two myself I appreciate the effort involved to capture this!

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I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a landscape photographer or critiquer, but this caught my attention for many of the reasons others have mentioned. Really nice capture, Andre.

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Both images are amazing Andre! I love them both. The color and the light coming through are beautiful. It looks like a glass sculpture. Very well done!

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Phenomenal imagery Andre! The pinpoint of light thru the transparent wave is amazing. Awesome work, thanks for sharing with us!



The way you have captured the light through the wave itself is what I think makes these two photographs so alluring. How many frames didn’t work for these two captures? Were there any others?

Thanks for the comment Youssef. I probably shot around 1000 exposures in burst mode for this session. I was just experimenting with the different ways the light interacts with the waves. Reflections of colour on the surface of the wave, light through the wave, and a few from underwater. I have about 300 that I kept and around 5 - 10 that I thought were worth editing.

Super late here Andre but I thought I’d let you know that I find this image very surreal and incredibly likable. It looks like melted glass and not water but you certainly know it’s water. I like the light coming through the wave and what appears to be the sun. The curve of the wave is beautiful and your composition, including the house in the scene, is a nice treat. The adds a nice touch and doesn’t overwhelm letting the wave take center stage. I love it.

Hi, @David_Haynes Big fan of your art :smiley:
Yes, I tried a few crops without the house but in the end, it always felt better with it in the scene.
Thanks for the feedback.